DNA helix drawer

Software description

You can draw a single stranded DNA, double stranded DNA, DNA tile with crossovers, and a DNA origami in parallel helices. To draw an illustration of DNA, you have to specify the position, length, base-paring, and crossovers of DNA in a sequence of integers. The easier way for specifing the inforamtion is to import a caDNAno format file, which is a standard DNA nanostructure format. There is a button to download the illustration as a SVG data, which is a standard vector image format. You can also share the illustration with others by just sennding a URL that encodes all the necessary information. It is possible to tune some of the parameters of DNA such as pitch, diamter, base paring and so on. This software is developed by Ibuki Kawamata.


SVG illustration Download image ⭳
URL (to share)


Load caDNAno file It may take about several tens of seconds for a standard DNA origami (about 7000 bp)


bases for turns
Half of helix pitch px
Diameter px
Helix width px
Helix margin px
Bond width px
Minor groove ratio %
Base pair offset bp
Base pair adjust %
Scale %
Draw base pair (dsDNA)
Draw base (ssDNA)
Press "draw" again when you change parameters


DNA.png (DNA)

ssDNA.png (Single stranded DNA)

dsDNA.png (Double stranded DNA)

Test1.png (Test1)

Test2.png (Test2)

Tile.png (DX tile)
Smile.png (Smiley face)

How to write input

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